Plan It Bahamas
is a young and energetic architectural design company, started by Andrew Stirling, in early 2003. Mr. Stirling, a Bahamian by birth, undertook his architectural training in the UK in 1981, returning home in 1993 and bringing his experience of world architectural design with him to The Bahamas. After ten years working in Nassau as the lead designer with one of the larger local firms, Plan It Bahamas was formed as a break-away. This design oriented group of young talent is committed to providing solutions which are personal, bold and unique to each client and site. We provide inventive and creative designs for residential, commercial and public projects.

Our investigative design processes use a studied analysis of traditional and contemporary construction methods, and we have an ongoing commitment to researching sustainable technologies and resource efficient construction methods for our region. By linking microclimate and context, we try to keep our designs environmentally and socially responsible, fulfilling both local and global expectations for the 21st Century. We are also fully aware of our fiscal responsibilities to our clients and work hard to achieve the best ‘value-for-money’ solutions within their design. We have introduced new materials and technologies which increase the energy conservation properties of all of our buildings, also providing low-to-no maintenance demands, further supporting the client’s ability to economically operate the building, going forward.

If our client requires a ‘full service’, we are able to offer them a one-stop-shop “umbrella” service, combining architectural and engineering input, using trusted and experienced colleagues for the structural, electrical and mechanical design portions of the work. Alternatively, we can tailor our services to suit any design team that our client prefers to assemble. We will work with you to set your goals and help you to achieve them.