Plan It Bahamas has completed numerous projects throughout The Bahamas, focused in the majority of cases on designing high-end homes in the prestigious communities of Albany, Ocean Club Estates, Lyford Cay and Old Fort Bay in New Providence, as well as numerous developments throughout the Abaco and Exuma chains.

You’ve made a great choice to live in The Bahamas and we can help you to settle in. Our architectural designs are tailor made for you, providing bold and creative solutions, unique to your lifestyle and to your new home site. Here are some of the services that are offered at Plan It Bahamas.

Full Service

If our clients prefer the ease of dealing with a single point of contact, Plan It Bahamas will co- ordinate a full design team, comprised of architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical design consultants. This is what we refer to as our “umbrella service”. Our results will attest to the efficiencies of using and working only with experienced colleagues who themselves have proven track records in their specialties.

Partial Service

For those clients with restricted budgets or who possess the necessary experience to provide their own finishing details to their contractor on site, they can choose our Partial Services, offering reduced services with a lesser scope (and costs).

Joint Venture

Over the years, Plan It Bahamas have been involved in many successful Joint Venture projects. Clients who have strong ties to ex-pat designers whether Architect or Interior Designer may feel a sense of comfort with these individuals being involved. If this is the case, Plan It Bahamas acts as the local representative with the role of “Architects of Record”, advising on local means and methods through to the more advanced scopes of construction document preparation and contracts administration.